Annual Report

Your Support Matters

Thank you to our generous donors, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. You have stepped forward in unprecedented ways to endorse the artists, designers, and scholars of today, while also investing in new programs, resources, and initiatives that will define the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) tomorrow.

You made a conscious decision to support art and design education and to recognize SAIC's role in reimagining our cultural landscape. No matter your reason for giving, please know that you have had a significant impact on the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, our students, and our faculty. If you would like to support or continue supporting SAIC students and faculty, please make a donation at

SAIC's Annual Report provides an overview of academic achievements, faculty, alumni, and student accomplishments, institutional initiatives, financial statements, and fundraising updates, all for the July 1–June 30 fiscal year.

SAIC Annual Report 17-18 - Cover

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